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Happy New Year to everyone!  My goal is to write more on this blog in 2011.

So it is Day 5 of being snowed in (more like iced in).   While the family time has been wonderful – great crock pot meals, watching movies, playing games – the gray days have not been so nice.    But there is sunshine today which brightens my day and we are going out later today. 

But during this time I’ve had time to get organized for the year and begin to think about adventures that are to come for 2011.    A big birthday on the horizon, some summer time fun, maybe a trip to see the leaves change.

What’s on your horizon?  There are some wonderful new cruise ships on the seas now, great resorts opening in the Caribbean and beyond and some fabulous new shows in Las Vegas.  You name it, there is a travel destination in mind!

So dream big in 2011!  Make this the year to enjoy travel with friends and family.   Start checking off items on your Bucket List.  Simply travel.

Happy 2011 and here is to happy travels!

Oh sunshine, it is so nice to see you today!


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